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with csh login report export command not found
>Usually, I use tcsh or sh shells. ... >1. How can I know what shell I'm running? ... You can "echo $SHELL" but that's your login shell and can be changed. I've ...
28 Oct 2020 — When you get the error “Command not found,” it means that Linux or UNIX ... Linux or UNIX search path with following bash export command):
23 Feb 20151 answer
I have just upgraded my ubuntu. After booting ubuntu 14.04 LTS I get this message: /etc/profile :line 33 Export command not found. This relates to the ...
Missing: report ‎| Must include: report
17 Jun 20141 answer
You have two options! Either run a csh compatible shell, or change the syntax of your command. setenv VARIABLE value. is csh syntax (and you ...
check again, if you login/logout, or use a different user, the DISPLAY variable is lost. ... error >> export command not found.
14 Sep 2018 — My guess is that login script for your agent's OS account has been changed. It's .bash_profile, .cshrc etc depending on the login shell that ...
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