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When you log in to play Vocabulary.com, you need to type in your username and password. You can use the terms log in or log on, or even sign in, but whichever ...
A better way to teach words. Engage your students with a fast-paced Vocab Jam, assign ready-made word lists for thousands of books and topics, and more!
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Boost your test score with programs developed by Vocabulary.com's experts. Proven methods: Learn faster, remember longer with our scientific approach.
sign in Add to list Share. Definitions of sign in. verb. announce one's arrival, e.g. at hotels or airports. synonyms: check in. see moresee less.
Using Vocabulary.com, students independently learn the words they need to know, while teachers ... Vocabulary.com offers SSO through Clever Instant Login.
However, looking up the word in the dictionary often gives a very precise definition that could cause even a proficient adult reader difficulties deciphering.
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Login to Vocabulary.com, and you'll see a summary of all your classes. 2. Click on each class to verify that all your students have created accounts and ...

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