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The Refractive Index of Water is 1.333 but static dielectric constant of water is 80. So it is evident that refractive index is frequency dependent.2014年1月14日


2017年4月2日1 个回答
(3) the two quantities are measured by different experiments. Refractive index of 1.33 is for visible ...
作者:FE Critchfield1953被引用次数:104 — Dielectric Constant and Refractive Index from 20 to 35° and Density at 25° for the System Tetrahydrofuran—Water1.
increases from 275 K to 340 K, the refractive index and the complex dielectric constant of water.
作者:X Wang2010被引用次数:41 — The mid-thickness regime (0.6 nm ~2 nm) shows a linear trajectory approaching the turning point for the ...
It is possible to derive another equation for the speed of light, this time in terms of the electric permittivity (ε) ...
作者:D Pan2014被引用次数:58 — The same improvement was also found for the static dielectric constant of ice Ih. For ice VIII at 30 GPa ...


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