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pyqtgraph reset axis
GraphicsItem showing a single plot axis with ticks, values, and label. ... setTickSpacing([(3, 0), (1, 0), (0.25, 0)]) # reset to default axis.
Units: The units for this axis. Units should generally be given without any scaling prefix ...
Text: The text (excluding units) to display on the label for this axis
Orientation: one of ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘top’, or ‘bottom’
Pen: (QPen) Pen used when drawing ticks
This class provides the ViewBox-plus-axes that appear when using pg.plot() , PlotWidget , and GraphicsLayoutWidget.addPlot() . It's main functionality is:.
SigYRangeChanged: wrapped from

Any idea on how I can delete this axis completely? Or, alternatively, is there a way to 'reset' the PlotWidget itself and re-add all the axes?
I have a time series waveform plot made with pyqtgraph. The user should be able to zoom in and out to various points in time (x-axis), and the y-axis should ...
An example on how to use a timestamp-based axis with pyqtgraph. This file has been adapted from taurus_pyqtgraph: ...
2020年9月25日 — Line graph is created with the help of plot class in PyQtGraph. Clearing of the line means that ... set properties of the label for y axis.
Setting Axis Limits — Setting Axis Limits. Sometimes it can be useful to restrict the range of data which is visible on the plot, or to lock the axis to a ...
xlabel (str) – Label to show on the X axis when the curve is active or None ... resetzoom (bool) – True (the default) to reset the zoom. histogram (str) –.
This page shows Python examples of pyqtgraph. ... def mouseDragEvent(self, ev, axis=None): # if ev.start==True and ev.finish==False: ##判断拖拽事件是否结束 ...

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