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adjective: punctual
  1. 1.
    happening or doing something at the agreed or proper time.
    "he's the sort of man who's always punctual"
  2. 2.
    denoting or relating to an action that takes place at a particular point in time.
    on time
    to/on schedule
    in good time
    in time
    when expected
    well timed
    on the dot
    bang/spot on time
People also ask
19 Jan 2022arriving, doing something, or happening at the expected or correct time; not late: Please try to be punctual, so we can start the meeting on ...
The original meaning of punctual described a puncture made by a surgeon. The word has meant lots of other things through the centuries, usually involving ...
Punctual definition, strictly observant of an appointed or regular time; not late; prompt. See more.
synonyms for punctual · dependable · expeditious · accurate · careful · conscientious · conscionable · constant · cyclic ...
Someone who is punctual arrives somewhere or does something at the right time and is not late. He's always very punctual. American English: punctual /ˈpʌŋktʃuəl ...
adjective · 1Happening or doing something at the agreed or proper time. 'he's the sort of man who's always punctual'. More example sentences · 2Grammar Denoting ...
Definition of punctual written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, ...
When someone says “Be punctual,” that means you better be there on time. Five minutes late won't cut it. Some people seem to follow an appointment clock ...
adjective on time, timely, early, prompt, strict, exact, precise, in good time, on the dot, seasonable He's always very punctual. I'll see if he's here yet.

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