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pmsm motor drive off state diagnostic
2015年8月28日 — in Matlab/Simulink using the Ohio State University EcoCAR as. testbed. ... sensor faults for induction motors and PMSM drives through.
作者:SSM Anchehpoli2013被引用次数:3 — Electric motor drive selection issues for HEV propulsion systems: . ... Diagnosis algorithm of PMSM short circuit faults .
作者:Y Chen2019被引用次数:22 — methods, and data-driven diagnostic algorithms are enumerated. ... The permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is an important type of ...
3天前 — Department of Electrical Machines, Drives and Measurements, ... Keywords: fault diagnosis; permanent magnet synchronous motor; ...
作者:K Choi2020被引用次数:1 — ... diagnosis mechanism for permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) ... Fault Diagnosis Algorithm for PMSM Drives Based on Robust State ...
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作者:X Xu2020被引用次数:3 — Fei, Y, Liu, Q. Direct-drive permanent magnet synchronous motor in the application of new energy vehicles. Adv Mater Res 2014; 953: 1321– ...
作者:L Liu被引用次数:86 — Robust Fault Detection and Diagnosis for. Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors ... PMSM MODLEING UNDER NORMAL AND STATOR FAULT CONDITION ........... 27.
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作者:FB Salem2020被引用次数:1 — Given that permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) has a small volume, ... to make the drive system robust and efficient on both dynamic and steady-state ...
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Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Resolver, Vector Control, Driven by ... state the application keeps until the user commands to turn the motor off.
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作者:K Lu被引用次数:4 — When a safety-related fault in the motor controller is detected, the torque output of the motor cannot be effectively shut off in time and an overcurrent ...

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