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pDONR223 contains several improvements over the original Donor vector pDONR201. ... The sequences of the attP1 and attP2 sites in pDONR223 are identical to those ...
5' Sequencing 1 Primer: M13F/M13R
Plasmid Type: Other, Gateway Donor vector
Bacterial Resistance: Spectinomycin
Cloning Method: Gateway Cloning
Fast accurate construct design for all major molecular cloning techniques · Validate sequenced constructs using powerful alignment tools · Customize plasmid maps ...
Description: Recombinational donor/master vector; spectinomycin resistance; recombinational cloning. Comments: pDONR223 contains several improvements over the ...
pDONR223 vector backbone. + Sequence information. + Datasheet. + ✓ Compare & Order pDONR223 vector backbone products + TOP customer support.
In pDONR223, the universal Forward (Fwd) and Reverse (Rev) sequencing primer sites flank the attP1 and attP2 recombination sites, the replication origin has ...
Plasmid name, pDONR223-ZYX. Catalog No. PPL01451-1. Gene/insert name. Alt name, ESP-2; HED-2. Insert size, 1719bp. Species, Homo sapiens (human).
Species: Homo sapiens (human)
Insert size: 1719bp
Image result for pDONR223
Image result for pDONR223
Image result for pDONR223
Image result for pDONR223
Image result for pDONR223
Image result for pDONR223
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Description. pDONR™ vectors are Gateway®-adapted vectors designed to generate attL-flanked entry clones containing your gene of.
Redesignated Vectors ; 1, pRosetta, TRCN0000559420, n/a, pLKO_060 ; 2, pENTR-BFP, BRDN0000464762, pDONR223-BFP, pDONR223 ...

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