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The flux function object computes the flux of an input vector field. Operands. Operand, Type, Location. input, {vol,surface}VectorField ...
Jul 23, 2015Irritated by fluxRequired setting in fvSchemes? Our commit to #OpenFOAM-dev means it doesn't need setting any more:.
Dec 11, 2014The OpenFOAM CFD Toolbox is a free, open source CFD ... fluxRequired: sets the information about fields for which is required to calculate a ...
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bool, fluxRequired (const word &name) const. bool, steady () const. Return true if the default ddtScheme is steadyState. More... bool, transient () const.
Nov 3, 2015... better user input, e.g. removal of fluxRequired from fvSchemes;; updated and corrected models, e.g. kkLOmega turbulence model.
May 22, 2021需要使用到flux时,就在fluxRequire列表中添加。 参考链接If the code is solving a transport equation, it also calculates.
F ield | OpenFOAM: The Open Source CFD Toolbox |. | \\ / O peration | Version: 2.3.0 |. | \\ / A nd | Web: www.OpenFOAM.org |. | \\/ M anipulation | |.
OpenFOAM is a free-to-use Open Source numerical simulation software with extensive CFD and multi-physics ... fluxRequired: needed only for p field.
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Dec 13, 2015OpenFOAM is a registered trademark of ESI Group ... 1.4.1 Algebraic tensor operations in OpenFOAM . ... fluxRequired keyword, U-116.
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