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The zlib module provides compression functionality implemented using Gzip, Deflate/Inflate, and Brotli. To access it: const zlib = require('zlib');.
Radically unbloated DEFLATE/zlib/gzip compression/decompression library. Can decompress any gzip/zlib data, and offers simplified compressor which produces ...
For applications that require data compression, the functions in this module allow compression and decompression, using the zlib library. The zlib library ...
Compresses data with gz headers and checksum. inflate(Z, Data) -> Decompressed. Types.
2012年12月20日 — zpipe.c: example of proper use of zlib's inflate() and deflate() ... be in the zlib format, which is different from the gzip or zip formats.
Inflate-only implementations — deflatelua, a pure-Lua implementation of Deflate and gzip/zlib decompression, by David Manura. inflate a pure-Javascript ...
While the Compression Wrappers provide a way of creating gzip and bz2 compatible files ... zlib.deflate (compression) and zlib.inflate (decompression) are ...
Unzip cross-platform streaming API compatible with fstream and fs.ReadStream ... deflate / inflate / gzip for browser - very fast zlib port.

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