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Insert the command-line parameters that must be passed to the new kernel into ... -f (--force) Force an immediate kexec call, do not call shutdown(8) ...
2021年9月7日 — Kexec is a system call that enables you to load and boot into another kernel ... DefaultDependencies=no Before=shutdown.target umount.target ...
2019年3月5日 — Fast reboot with kexec The kexec command loads a new kernel and ... come from skipping firmware, rather than skipping systemd shutdown.
2008年7月23日 — Impact: when kexec-tools is installed reboot is optimised using kexec, the user no longer drops to bios nor sees their bootloader menus.
kexec -l kernel-image --append=command-line-options --initrd=initrd-image ... -f (--force): Force an immediate kexec call, do not call shutdown(1) (contrary ...


Command to display systemd-kexec manual in Linux: $ man 8 systemd-kexec ... this binary will try to unmount all remaining file systems, disable all ...
With Kexec, you do not depend on a working boot loader configuration. ... It is required to include the command line of the production kernel.
You can use the reload command to reboot and shutdown the appliance. ... Change the default configuration for the fast reboot with kexec (skips the BIOS).
I want to use kexec to speed up reboots of my CentOS 7 machine. ... Documentation=man:kexec(8) DefaultDependencies=no Before=shutdown.target umount.target ...
作者:FLV Cao2007被引用次数:1 — 1 kexec/kdump reboot ... firmware stage boot loader kernel stage machine shutdown kexec ... No device shutdown in the crashing kernel.
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