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inno setup not a valid Win32 application win7
2019年11月17日 — This results in the error "This is not a valid Win32 application". (snipped) No idea if this applies specifically to Inno Setup executables, ...


2018年1月5日 — The file is corrupt, bad, or missing · Download files · Installing a program from a CD or other disk · Running a program from the computer · A long ...
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2009年11月17日 — Inno Setup script that was working before with Inno Setup 5.2.3 (non-Unicode). Now, when I try to run the exe it created, I get the error:
缺少字词: win7 ‎| 必须包含: win7
Most of the time, the .exe files are downloaded to install a program to the system. Therefore it is a possibility that the user gets the problem if the download ...
缺少字词: inno ‎| 必须包含: inno
2017年9月13日 — I was able to install the 32bit application on Windows 7 32bit without an issue. ... %1 is not a valid Win32 application".
2016年3月30日 — ... 2015 на платформе windows 7. Скопируйте исполняемый файл в систему xp, не может работать с ошибкой"not a valid win32 application".

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