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http 3


HTTP/3 是即將到來的第三個主要版本的HTTP協定,使用於全球資訊網。與其前任HTTP/1.1和HTTP/2不同,在HTTP/3中,將棄用TCP協定,改為使用基於UDP協定的QUIC協定實現。 此變化主要為了解決HTTP/2中存在的隊頭阻塞問題。 维基百科
HTTP/3 是即将到来的第三个主要版本的HTTP协议,使用于万维网。与其前任HTTP/1.1和HTTP/2不同,在HTTP/3中,将弃用TCP协议,改为使用基于UDP协议的QUIC协议实现。
HTTP/3 ... HTTP/3 is the third and upcoming major version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol used to exchange information on the World Wide Web, alongside HTTP/ ...
International standard: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 3 (HTTP/3) (draft)
Introduced: Internet Draft as of July 2021

2019年9月26日 — Enter HTTP/3 ... This is where HTTP/3 comes into play: instead of using TCP as the transport layer for the session, it uses QUIC, a new Internet ...
2021年6月18日 — HTTP/3 is a new version that runs over the new transport protocol QUIC Open external link. It is in the final stages of standardization in the ...
HTTP/3是继HTTP/2即将到来的HTTP网络协议的主要修订版。HTTP/3的要点是它使用名为QUIC的新UDP (en-US)协议代替TCP。
7天前 — The QUIC transport protocol has several features that are desirable in a transport for HTTP, such as stream multiplexing, per-stream flow ...
This document also identifies HTTP/2 features that are subsumed by QUIC, and describes how HTTP/2 extensions can be ported to HTTP/3.
2021年7月12日 — We describe the state of our QUIC+HTTP/3 implementation, starting with a review of the work we've done so far. Our roadmap includes merging ...
HTTP/3 is the to-become next generation of the HTTP protocol family. This version is similar to HTTP/2 in features, and is most different than its ...

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