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MyLab IT: High-Stakes Activity Message. "Your instructor has assigned this simulation as 'High-Stakes' activity" message in MyLab IT. 19-Sep-2018•Knowledge ...


high-stakes ​Definitions and Synonyms · 1. a high-stakes activity or situation involves a lot of risk or serious consequences · 2. a high-stakes test or exam has ...
most people feel writing as an inherently high stakes activity. ... Besides, writing is a central skill for higher education, and students will not get good ...
MyITLab: High-Stakes Activity Message | Pearson 24/7 Technical Support http://pear.sn/xmSE1. 3:42 PM - 28 May 2014. 0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes.
2018年6月27日 — The Spring I high-stakes activity I created grew directly out of the Fall's low-stakes activity, which was designed as a scaffolded ...
作者:P Elbow被引用次数:276 — mixture of high and low stakes writing assignments. Because it is so ingrained to treat writing as a high stakes activity, espe-.
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作者:T Lillis2017 — The production and use of written texts is a high stakes activity in ... such as assessment reviews stored and shared via large ICT ...
Although writing may feel like an inherently high-stakes activity—it's personal and it's most always evaluated in a classroom setting—it doesn't have to be.
Maria Leedham2014Education
... 65,75, 76, 136;studiesin,90 Grammar Translation methodology, 19¥26 Great LeapForward, 23 Greek writers, comparison with Chinese, 33 high stakesactivity, ...
Firm cited for multifaceted strengths in “a year filled with high-stakes activity on behalf of world leading technology creators.”.

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