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We collect, process and publish data about higher education (HE) in the UK. As the trusted source of HE data and analysis, we play a key role in supporting ...
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We are Higher Education Strategy Associates ... We provide strategic insight and guidance to governments, post-secondary institutions, and agencies through ...
HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency) is the recognised source of data on higher education in the UK, and the Designated Data Body for England.
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Higher Education Statistics Agency
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The Higher Education Statistics Agency is the official agency for the collection, analysis and dissemination of quantitative information about higher education in the United Kingdom. Wikipedia
Founded: 1993
Headquarters location: Cheltenham, United Kingdom
Chief Executive: Paul Clark
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Today is the last day to book your virtual seat at #HEDataMatters. Don’t miss this fantastic sector event including @ukhesa's Head of Research and Insight Neha Agarwal in the keynote panel session. Book now! www.jisc.ac.uk/event…
2 days ago
Universities South Africa, formerly known as Higher Education South Africa (HESA), is a membership organization representing South Africa's universities.
Hesa is a unified commerce platform that enables transactions, promotions and reach-outs by the on-ground workforce to every individual in rural India. Hesa is ...
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