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go.mod replace not working
2018年12月16日 — mod does not work. image. What did you expect to see? download from github.com/grpc/grpc-go not from google.golang.
2019年1月7日 — bcmills commented on Jan 8, 2019. This is working as designed. The canonical module path for the repository stored at github.
2019年7月30日 — Just one thing I would like to point out: Perhaps you could call out that replace can work with VCS repository as well not just local file ...
2020年6月22日 — go modules - replace does not work - replacement module without version must be directory path (rooted or starting with.


A module is identified by a module path, which is declared in a go.mod file, together with ... This may be necessary due to a diamond dependency problem.
The replacement version may only be specified if replacement-path is a module path (not a local directory). Examples ¶. Replacing with a fork of the module ...
2018年9月8日 — package后面的version不可省略。(edit所有操作都需要版本tag); version不能是master或者latest,这两者go get可用,但是go mod edit不可识别 ...
2021年2月18日 — Previously, when the go command found a problem with go.mod or go.sum ... In particular, replace and exclude directives are not allowed, ...
2020年12月17日 — Usually, this just grinds against the go.mod file and does the right ... I could easily deal with, but the femto module had not updated yet.

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