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docker-compose run command
docker-compose run ... Runs a one-time command against a service. For example, the following command starts the web service and runs bash as its command.
Step 8: Experiment with some other commandsThe docker-compose run command allows you to run one-off commands for your services.
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#Reference ; Ports. ports: - "3000" - "8000:80" # host:container ; Commands. # command to execute command: bundle exec thin -p 3000 command: [bundle, exec, thin, ...
Jul 17, 2020Build or rebuild services · Create and start containers · Run a one-off command on a service · Show the list of containers running on a machine.
Lab #17: Run Command. Run command help to run a one-time command against a service. docker-compose run will start a new container to execute the ...
Docker Compose lets you bring up a complete development environment with only one command: docker-compose up, and tear it down just as easily using docker- ...
Compose is the next leap after docker run in the world of containerization. It provides an option to define and run multi-container applications within a ...
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