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deadbeat controll
無差拍控制 (Dead-beat control)


無差拍控制是離散控制理論的一種問題,是針對特定系統,要找到可以在最短時間內讓輸出進入穩態的輸入信號。 可以證明在N階的線性系統中,若系統為零可控,其最少的步數不會超過N步。 解法是用反饋的方式,使閉迴路轉移函數的極點都在z平面的原點。因此線性系統的例子很容易找到解。 維基百科
Dead beat controllers are often used in process control due to their good dynamic properties. They are a classical feedback controller where the control ...
無差拍控制[编辑] ... 無差拍控制(dead-beat control)是離散控制理論的一種問題,是針對特定系統,要找到可以在最短時間內讓輸出進入穩態的輸入信號。 可以證明在N階的線性 ...


由 LC Westphal 著作2001被引用 2 次 — zero error to an input after finite time with a linear control law; ... A deadbeat controller has the property that for a given input type, such as a.
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由 CM LIN 著作1987被引用 3 次 — 標題: ADAPTIVE DEADBEAT CONTROL. 作者: LIN, CM · CHEN, BS · 電控工程研究所 · Institute of Electrical and Control Engineering. 公開日期: 1-七月-1987.
由 A Emami-Naeini 著作1982被引用 93 次 — Deadbeat control and tracking of discrete-time systems ... Abstract: A new approach for forcing the state of a linear discrete-time system to zero in a minimum ...
2018年2月1日 — A novel approach of design of deadbeat control, known as Signal Correction Technique (SCT) is ... [Show full ...
由 WL Chan 著作1981 — The observer acts dually as a deadbeat controller in that its output is directly applied to control the original system without requiring another feedback gain ...
由 SE Tuna 著作2012被引用 1 次 — A geometric generalization of the discrete-time linear deadbeat control problem is studied. The proposed method to generate a deadbeat tracker for a given ...

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