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May 25, 2020When trying to connect to the proxy it seems that at least MysqlWorkbench fails with a bad handshake error (have tested DBeaver, Navicat, ...
Jun 27, 2018When I start a connection with TablePlus I get an error saying "Bad Handshake" (by the way: This error modal is huge. I mean - really huge!)
Feb 3, 2004Description: I just upgraded MySQL 4.1.1 from 4.0.17 and am now getting a Bad Handshake message when I try to connect remotely (using ...
Sep 13, 2019When starting a new connection to MySQL database, all database credentials are correct, then you get an error saying “Bad Handshake when ...
Missing: navicat ‎| Must include: navicat
Jun 29, 2021when using Navicat premium to remotely connect to MySQL via IP, ... to Connect to MySQL at with user root Bad handshake ...
Mar 3, 20201043 Bad Handshake error. Hi,. Im running a solution with windows webs and a mariadb Linux cluster. The mariadb version is 10.4.11 and the ...
Missing: navicat ‎| Must include: navicat
40 ResultsAfter I upgraded to latest MySQL 5.5.12 on Windows 64 bit I am getting a "Bad Handshake" prompt when I click to connect to that database. Navicat ...
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