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asn.1 specification


​ASN. 1 is a formal notation used for describing data transmitted by telecommunications protocols, regardless of language implementation and physical representation of these data, whatever the application, whether complex or very simple. for the specification of abstract data types.
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在電信和計算機網絡領域,ASN.1 是一套標準,是描述數據的表示、編碼、傳輸、解碼的靈活的記法。它提供了一套正式、無歧義和精確的規則以描述獨立於特定計算機硬體的對象結構。 维基百科
最新版本: (02/21); February 2021
有关标准: X.690
ASN.1 is a mature notation with a long record of reliability and interoperability. It supports the exchange of information in any form (audio, video, data.); ...


Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) is a standard interface description language for defining data structures that can be serialized and deserialized in a ...
Latest version: (08/15); August 2015
Related standards: X.208, X.209, X.509, X.680, X.681, X.682, X.683
Status: In force; supersedes X.208 and X.209 (1988)
Year started: 1984
在电信和计算机网络领域,ASN.1(Abstract Syntax Notation One) 是一套标准,是描述数据的表示、编码、传输、解码的灵活的记法。它提供了一套正式、无歧义和精确的 ...
Abstract syntax notation (ASN.1) object identifiers maintained by ETSI. ETSI is a recognized organization under the ITU-T (formerly CCITT) arc. The formal rules ...
ASN.1 is the acronym for Abstract Syntax Notation One, a language for describing structured information; typically, information intended to be conveyed across ...
Simple data types: Character strings
INTEGER: PrintableString
BIT STRING: GraphicString
REAL: IA5String
ASN.1 Translation (RFC ) ... Some specifications were written using a now deprecated version of ASN.1 and some were written using the current version of ...
ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One) is an International Standards Organization (ISO) data representation format used at the National Center for ...
Information technology — ASN.1 encoding rules: Specification of Basic Encoding Rules (BER), Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) and Distinguished Encoding Rules ...

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