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Ancient Earth is an iOS app for investigating Earth History, Plate Tectonics, and Sea Floor Spreading.
2019年2月15日 — During the Early Triassic Epoch, Washington, D.C. was situated in a massive supercontinent called Pangea Ian Webster/Ancient Earth.
Ancient Earth. July 2015 | By Ian Webster · Launch experiment Get the code. Collection: Chrome Experiments. What did Earth look like millions of years ago?
2020年10月28日 — The Ancient Earth Globe is a virtual globe that depicts the Earth of the distant past, with continents and oceans rearranged.
2019年11月9日 — Ancient Earth was created by Ian Webster, who is the curator of the world's largest digital dinosaur database called Dinosaur Pictures. Webster ...
2020年8月30日 — Where New York City was on Earth 750 million years ago, according to the Ancient Earth map. (CNN) A California paleontologist has created an ...
2018年6月18日 — Ancient Earth Globe Englisch: Google Earth vor 500 Millionen Jahren: Mit ... Ancient Earth Globe. Kostenlos. Web App. Web App Fakten: ...
Hersteller: Dinosaur Pictures
Sprache: Englisch
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2020年9月8日 — The app makes use of data from an existing map (called the PALEOMAP), with geological models for the movement of tectonic plates over 750 ...
2020年9月1日 — It's called Ancient Earth Globe, launched a few years ago by palaeontologist Ian Webster. It combines palaeogeographic maps developed as ...


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