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WinSCP是一款開源的SFTP客戶端,運行於Windows系統下,遵照GPL發布。WinSCP除了SFTP,還支援SSH、SCP、WebDAV等。 维基百科
許可協議: GNU通用公共许可证
文件大小: 10MB


WinSCP is a popular SFTP client and FTP client for Microsoft Windows! Copy file between a local computer and remote servers using FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, ...
WinSCP (Windows Secure Copy) is an open source SFTP client, FTP client, WebDAV client and SCP client for Windows. Its main function is transferring files ...
WinSCP (Windows Secure Copy) is a free and open-source SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), WebDAV, Amazon S3, and secure copy ...
Developer(s): Martin Přikryl
License: GPL-3.0-only
Stable release: 5.19.2 (July 21, 2021; 0 days ago)
Initial release: 2000; 21 years ago
WinSCP是一款開源的SFTP客戶端,運行於Windows系統下,遵照GPL發佈。WinSCP除了SFTP,還支持SSH、SCP、WebDAV等。 WinSCP的開發始於2000年4月,由布拉格经济大学所發展 ...
WinSCP is a popular file transfer client for Windows. It was originally developed by Martin Prikryl. It also provides limited remote command execution and ...
WinSCP is an open source Secure FTP (SFTP) and FTP client for Windows. Its main function is the safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.
WinSCP is a popular free SFTP and FTP client for Windows, a powerful file manager that will improve your productivity. It offers an easy to use GUI to copy ...

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