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To complete the Parallels Desktop setup, restart the Mac
2019年10月26日 — When opening parallels a dialog saying "To complete Parallels Desktop setup, please restart your Mac." appears. After restarting and opening ...
作为第一个故障排除步骤,重新启动 Mac,尝试启动Parallels Desktop,然后尝试 ... 若要将Mac 重新启动到正常模式,请执行命令 reboot 或选择Apple 徽标> 重新启动.


I tried to run Parallels, only to be given a message saying to restart to complete the installation. The trouble is, whether I choose to restart or quit ...
... the operating system of your Mac. I've tried to reinstall Parallels Desktop 15, however, the installation hangs and does not complete. Any suggestions?
2021年5月11日 — If there's a newer macOS version available, install it, restart your machine and launch Parallels Desktop again. Then click on the Parallels ...
... get the "To complete Parallels Desktop setup, please restart your Mac." Restarting the Mac doesn't change anything and both error messages still pop up.
2021年5月3日 — How to install Windows on M1 Macs, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac, using Parallels Desktop 16 for Mac.
2 When the download is completed, you'll see Parallels Desktop Installer icon. ... Note: You must restart the virtual machine after this setup procedure.
2020年8月19日 — After the process concludes, the screen indicates that the installation is complete. Click anywhere on the virtual machine window to continue ( ...

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