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THP-14 magnet
THP-1 is a human monocytic cell line. ... available magnetic beads by use of Magnetic ... Biotinylated CD14 antibody.
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作者:T Kimura — Magnet (EQ), Ripple Quadrupole Magnet (RQ) and Spill. Control Device with Digital Signal Processor (DSP).
The position is indicated by the variation of the magnetic field monitored by the Hall ... The transmitter position THP, uses the transmitter position by Hall Effect sensor, ... 1/2 - 14 NPT. 4 x 1 / 4-20 UNC ...
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THP Manual-Hall Effect Position Transmitter. LIT0006 rev_A ... linear or rotary magnet according to the ... 1/2-14 NPT.
The operation of the BONT® magnetic level gauge is based on some elementary physical ... MAG / THP – Class. MAX Operating ... remote transmission systems type MST (Page 14 and following) and ...
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1.5THP Pole Adapter. SKU. 1.5THP. Estimated lead time: 14 days. Be the first to review this product ... A 1.5" SMR seats on a conical land and is held firmly in place by a magnet. The 1.5THP has a ...
THP-core,ferrite magnet cores,bare core,NiZn ferrite magnet core,THP cores, NiCuNi Core, ... 14 THP6.74×3.7PS4 core.
TDOT & THP Partner to Keep Teens “Between the Barrels” at Merrol Hyde Magnet School. Tuesday, September 14, 2010 | 08:39am.
Thp: polar angle of magnetic field vector, i.e. angle between the vector and the positive Z-axis; Tha: azimuth angle of ...
作者:V Zablotskii2016被引用次数:92 — The biological effects of high-gradient magnetic fields (HGMFs) have ... field, as was recently demonstrated in experiments with THP-1 cells. ... Microdevices 14, 947–954 (2012).

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