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So meaning Japanese


英语 - 检测到的语言
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Definition of so · (adv) so; really; seeming · (adj-na, suf) (after masu stem and adj-stem) appearing that; seeming that; looking like; having the appearance of.
2017年4月7日 — "Sorejaa" from "Soredewa" and commonly shortened to "jaa". Those aren't the same "so". by Uco · rate this post as useful ...
2018年11月1日 — There is another word meaning “Yes” in Japanese, which is “un (うん).” This is very informal but very common in daily conversation. If you know ...
Need to translate "so" to Japanese? Here are 9 ways to say it.
Or if he could write down the sentence so you could see the words, that would be even better. But how do you ask that in Japanese? No need to panic!
2015年11月16日 — I'm always amazed at the differences in nuances between words that seem so similar at first glance. Oftentimes these subtleties are not ...
やばい (yabai): Cool in Japanese/Or Awful...actually, anything! — やばい (yabai): Cool in Japanese/Or ... So if you'd like to describe your food, ...

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