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Ring of light exercise


Performed just before going to sleep, while lying on the bed one has to imagine a ring of golden light moving from head to toe and back (with body at centre of ring). Keep repeating, each time increasing the speed of ring and thus fall asleep.
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2011年10月10日 — In the very last paragraph of his book, he warns us “against the use of the ring-of-light exercise. As I mentioned earlier, any return to ...
Send that ball of healing light to each part of your body in turn. Start with your feet, go up your calves, over your knees, along your thighs, through you hips ...
2020年4月2日 — Your class needs to see you to follow along with the exercise program. Try to use a 12-inch LED ring light kit to brighten the set, ...
2012年9月2日 — When you are in a situation where you find yourself angry with another person, or if they are interacting with you in an emotional or angry way, ...
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