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ResNeXt50 tensorflow
A tensorflow2 implementation of ResNeXt(ResNeXt50, ResNeXt101). - GitHub - calmisential/ResNeXt_TensorFlow2: A tensorflow2 implementation of ...
May 26, 2019Users who wish to use pretrained ResNet101/ResNeXt50/ResNeXt101, which are available in Keras´ stand-alone distribution (if the documentation is ...
Nov 5, 2021tf.keras.applications.resnet50.ResNet50 ; classes, optional number of classes to classify images into, only to be specified if include_top is ...
Feb 22, 2019ResNeXt50((input_tensor = pinp, include_top = False, weights = 'imagenet'). But it reported another error: Using TensorFlow backend.
Automated mixed precision AMP. This model is trained with mixed precision using Tensor Cores on Volta, Turing, and the NVIDIA Ampere GPU architectures.
Missing: ResNeXt50 ‎| Must include: ResNeXt50
ModelSize (MB)Top‑1 AccuracyTop‑5...
TensorFlow* Object Detection Mask R-CNNs Segmentation Demo · Object Detection C++ Demo · Object Detection Python Demo · Pedestrian Tracker Demo ...
by S Xie2016Cited by 5914Community Code. 42 code implementations (in TensorFlow, PyTorch, MXNet, Torch and Caffe2). Datasets Used.

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