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by T Mandel2014Cited by 12Abstract: We classify rank 2 cluster varieties (those for which the span of the rows of the exchange matrix is 2-dimensional) according to the deformation ...
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by DI Bernstein2016Cited by 19Motivated by applications to low-rank matrix completion, we give a combinatorial characterization of the independent sets in the algebraic ...
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Logically, the better one scores on the math test, the higher ... In Equation 2, P represents the probability to correctly answer the item, whereas.
incorporated into the students' structure of mathematical knowledge? ... Situation of formulation – at least two actors are put into relationship with the.
The two packages arose from the need to evaluate alternate designs for the ... based on a single matrix class within a strictly object-oriented framework.
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Fe2SeO, and Cs3Sb2I9 (ref.). ... In contrast to the inorganic antiperovskites, this type of framework can easily collapse under moderate pressures.
[2] developed a sustainable closed loop system for tire industry and included the environmental and social aspects in the different stages of the supply ...
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