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... for the Disposal of Industrial Waste; Law for the Control of Export, ... the Improvement of Pollution Prevention Systems in Specified Factories ...
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2.01 Trends in emission amounts of greenhouse gasses in Japan ... 4.20 Changes in Disposal/Treatment of Industrial Waste.
Japan Environment Corp., a special national agency for pollution control promotion ... 7.3 Construction and Transfer of Industrial Waste Disposal Facilities.
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The treatment of industrial waste is costly. We have yet to identify a solution to the problem of disposal sites nearing the end of their capacity. AMRON is ...
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Also, through consignment contracts with appropriate disposal contractors, the Group promotes the recycling of industrial waste, creation of monetary values out ...
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These in turn prompted efforts to create pollution reduction initiatives such as the world's first ever pollution prevention system, developed by Sumitomo Metal ...
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Introducing the Asahi Kasei Group's pollution and natural resource initiatives. ... We enhanced our management of off-site treatment of industrial waste by ...
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The Environmental Management Division located a number of these derelict vessels and worked with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to ...


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