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Normal stress
垂直応力 (normal stress)


When the external force acts perpendicular to the cross-sectional area of any object or a body, it induces stress in those objects or a body to regain its original shape. The stress so produced by the perpendicular action of a force on a given area is called normal stress.2021年4月2日
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There are two types of stress that a structure can experience: 1. Normal Stress and 2. Shear Stress. When a force acts perpendicular (or "normal") to the ...
假設受力表面與施力方向正交,則稱此應力分量為正向應力(normal stress),如圖1所示的 σ 11 {\displaystyle \sigma _{11}\,} \sigma _{{11}}\, (對黃色的那個面來 ...
Uniaxial normal stress — If the normal unit vector n of the surface (pointing from Q towards P) is assumed fixed, the normal component can be expressed by a ...
SI unit: Pascal
In SI base units: Pa = kg⋅m−1⋅s−2
normal stressの意味や使い方 垂直応力 - 約1176万語ある英和辞典・和英辞典。発音・イディオムも分かる英語辞書。
Normal and Shear Stress ... The traction's on the planes that intersect at the origin of Figure 12 can be subdivided into ...
Normal stress(来源:www.sci.sdsu.edu)
Stress is defined as the strength of a material per unit area or unit strength. It is the force on a member divided by area, which carries the force, formerly ...
作者:DI Verrelli被引用次数:10 — The nature of attractive particulate networks, yield stresses, and normal stress differences is systematically reviewed, each in terms of the relevant ...

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