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Details of airfoil (aerofoil)(n0012-il) NACA 0012 AIRFOILS NACA 0012 airfoil.
The turbulent NACA 0012 airfoil case should be run at essentially incompressible conditions (the recommendation here is to ...
作者:大竹智久2007被引用次数:49 — Aerodynamic characteristics of NACA0012 airfoil at low Reynolds numbers (Re=1.0×104∼1.0×105) are measured systematically to clarify ...
作者:大竹智久2007被引用次数:49 — NACA0012 Aerofoil at Low Reynolds Numbers ... Abstract : Aerodynamic characteristics of NACA0012 airfoil at low Reynolds numbers (Re = 1.0 × 104.
作者:中谷淳2014被引用次数:1 — In this study, the reliability of OpenFOAM has been confirmed through the incompressible fluid analysis around the NACA0012 airfoil.
作者:I Rodríguez2013被引用次数:70 — At low-to-moderate Reynolds numbers, NACA0012 exhibits a combination of leading-edge/trailing-edge stall which causes the massive separation of the flow on the ...
作者:S Eftekhari2019被引用次数:9 — ABSTRACT: The aerodynamic characteristics of a NACA0012 wing geometry at low Reynold's numbers and angle of attack ranging from 0° to 90° are investigated ...
2010年4月6日 — The NACA 0012 airfoil is widely used. The simple geometry and the large amount of wind tunnel data provide ...
This test case is for the NACA 0012 in high Reynolds number flow. It has become a classic test case for RANS solvers due to ...

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