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多模態 (Multimodality)


Multimodality is the application of multiple literacies within one medium. For example, understanding a televised weather forecast (medium) involves understanding spoken language, written language, weather specific language (such as temperature scales), geography, and symbols (clouds, sun, rain, etc.).
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Multimodality refers to the interplay between different representational modes, for instance, between images and written/spoken word.
2012年2月16日 — Multimodality is an inter-disciplinary approach that understands communication and representation to be more than about language.
(adj. multimodal)The use of more than one semiotic mode in meaning-making, communication, and representation generally, or in a specific situation.
What is Multimodality · 1. A modality, or, more explicitly, a modality of information representation, is a way of representing information in some medium ( ...
2019年1月5日 — Abstract · either in the same or other modes (for example, the elaborate linguistic system of gestures that · constitutes sign language compared ...
2019年2月28日 — developments in multimodal research that are relevant to its relation with language and society. Keywords:  ...
Multimodality · Written Language: writing (representing meaning to another) and reading (representing meaning to oneself)—handwriting, the printed page, the ...

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