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Oct 25, 2021Most audio compression techniques lose some amount of data contained in the original source file. Lossless compression is a form of compression ...
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Apple Lossless Audio Codec



The Apple Lossless Audio Codec, also known as Apple Lossless, or Apple Lossless Encoder, is an audio coding format, and its reference audio codec implementation, developed by Apple Inc. for lossless data compression of digital music. Wikipedia
Initial release: April 28, 2004; 17 years ago
Developer(s): Apple Inc.
Audio file extension: m4a
License: Apache License 2.0
Jun 2, 2021"Lossless" doesn't mean uncompressed, but rather it refers to a type of compressed digital audio file that uses advantaged data compression ...
Sep 1, 2021Lossless audio is also compressed, but it is compressed in a way that maintains audio detail. Lossless audio is always presented in the ...
Jan 3, 2022As the name implies, lossless audio merely refers to formats that preserve the quality of the original audio, not sacrificing it for the sake of ...
Nov 15, 2021Which streaming services support lossless audio? · Amazon Music HD · Tidal HiFi · Apple Music · Deezer HiFi · Qobuz · Spotify HiFi (coming soon).
Dec 10, 2021This is the type of audio that has the minutest of details. Due to storage constraints though, it's not practical to distribute this audio ...
Jul 25, 2007What lossless audio compression does is retain every single bit of detail from the original recording, while still managing to reduce file sizes ...

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