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Jellies are generally water soluble bases
Jellies are generally (c) Maximum amount of water that (a) Water-soluble bases can be added to 5 g of a base at (b) Water-insoluble bases


Carbomers are high molecular weight water-soluble polymers of acrylic acid ... Inorganic gels are generally two-phase systems, whereas organic gels are ...
2018年9月24日 — Specially for ointments, paste, jellies. ... Water soluble bases • In that bases does not contain oily substances & are called greaseless ...
2021年5月20日 — Water soluble bases are also known as (a) Greasy ointment bases ... Jellies are generally (a) Water-soluble bases (b) Water-insoluble bases
2021年4月22日 — Water soluble bases are also known as a. Greasy ointment bases b. Greaseless ointment bases c. Both d. None. 10.A suppository is generally ...
Jelly. Creams. Ointments. Pastes. Plaster. Poultices. Ideal properties of ... Oleaginous Bases; Absorption Bases; Water-Removable Bases; Water-Soluble Bases.
A gel is a semisolid dosage form that contains a gelling agent to provide stiffness to the dispersion. Gels can be water based (hydrogels) or organic solvent ...
2019年1月29日 — Gels are semisolid, transparent and non-greasy drug dosage forms mainly aimed for topical application ... Water-soluble bases Ointment Bases.
2015年3月29日 — A semisolid dosage form, usually containing <20% water and volatiles, and >50% hydrocarbons, ... Water washable and water soluble bases ...
作者:CT Ueda2009被引用次数:199 — ments, and gels generally are referred to as semisolid dosage forms. The most common drug ... bases, water-removable bases, and water-soluble bases.
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