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Intrinsic I-V Waveforms
2018年10月2日 — Simulating current-voltage (I-V) waveforms at intrinsic ports is very useful for GaN power amplifier design, including for understanding and ...
For further investigation, the harmonic contents of the output current waveforms in Fig. 3 are extracted and shown in Fig. 4. It ...
Intrinsic I-V Waveforms(来源:www.researchgate.net)
4. Simulated voltage and current waveforms [(a) gate-source. +15 Fig. 5. ... For class F operation, the intrinsic drain-source ...
Intrinsic I-V Waveforms(来源:www.researchgate.net)
作者:M Haynes2017 — appropriate waveforms at the intrinsic nodes of the Device Under Test. The ... targeting high efficiency requires output IV waveform engineering; switching.
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measurement data do not provide the intrinsic waveforms or the ... intrinsic IV characteristics, but may include low-frequency dis-.
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作者:FJ Martinez-Rodriguez被引用次数:11 — the intrinsic level is presented for realistic transistor models exhibiting IV characteristics ... tor class-F voltage vDS and current iD waveforms in (4).
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Intrinsic voltage/current node access for waveform optimization ... All models are validated with measured I-V, S-parameters and load pull.
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... enabling intrinsic I-V sensing at the current generator plane of the ... de-embedding and make IV waveform measurements at the reference plane of the ...
2016年7月17日 — 4. 2. DS J. TL v. V k. Optimization of PA design by waveform engineering approaches. Optimization at the intrinsic current source plane.
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