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Henderson-Hasselbalch equation limitations

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Limitations. The most critical assumption of this equation is that the concentration of acid and its conjugate base will remain the same during the equilibrium. The significance of hydrolysis of water and its effect on the pH of the overall solution is neglected.May 21, 2021
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2001Cited by 433We will discuss the limitations of the Henderson–. Hasselbalch equation focusing on the titration curve of a weak acid with a strong base. Over much of the ...
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by HN Po2001Cited by 433The discussion centers on the titration of a weak acid with sodium hydroxide. Approximate pH values obtained from the Henderson-Hasselbalch ...
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Limitations of the Henderson-Hasselbalch EquationThe Henderson-Hasselbalch equation fails to predict accurate values for the strong ...
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Aug 15, 2020This equation will give poor or inaccurate results if there are strong acids or bases. pKa values between 5 and 9 will give good approximations, ...
Jul 31, 2017What were the limitations for the Henderson-Hasselbach equation? In other words, when can it NOT be calculated? (i.e. when acids/bases are ...
The Henderson Hasselbalch equation (as shown previously in Eq. 1) ... Unfortunately, most clinicians are not aware of the limitations of this equation: It ...
by HN Po2001Cited by 433Approximate pH values obtained from the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation are compared with exact hydrogen ion concentrations and the percentage errors are ...

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