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H1 UQFN-10
Toshiba Package Code, P-UQFN10-0202-0.40-001. Mounting, Surface Mount. Pins, 10. Width×Length×Height (mm), 1.4×1.8×0.5. Land pattern(2D Model).
Toshiba Package Code: P-UQFN10-0202-0.40-001
Land pattern(2D Model): Cadence; DXF; LPB; Zuken
3D Model: STEP
Width×Length×Height (mm): 1.4×1.8×0.5
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UQFN. 10-Lead Ultra Thin Plastic Quad Flat Package (2V) 1.3x1.8x0.6 mm Body . ... H1. A1. A. P. CHAMFER. OPTIONAL φ. Microchip Technology Drawing C04-034B ...
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Jun 10, 2016Murata Electronics North AmerCAP CER 4.7UF 25V 10% X5R 0603 ... H1, H2, H3, H4 ... IC, TS3USB221A-Q1, Dual USB Switch, UQFN-10. RSE0010A.
pulled to the voltage defined in table Table 3-8 through a 10 kΩ resistor pullup. ... (UQFN-8). RSE0008A. TPD6E004RSER. U5. 1. 4-Channel USB ESD Solution.
VQFN-11_L2.0-W2.5-H1.0-TPS61089RNRT. 0. QFN ... Package_DFN_QFN.3dshapes/QFN-16-1EP_4x4mm_Pitch0.65mm ... Package_DFN_QFN.3dshapes/UQFN-10_1.3x1.8mm_P0.4mm.
QFN-38_L7.0-W4.0-H1.9-P0.50. 0. QFN · QFN · QFN-24_L4.0-W4.0-P0.50-BL-EP2.5 ... VQFN-14_L3.5-W3.5-H1.0-P0.50 ... QFN-10_L3.0-W3.0-H1.0-P0.50.

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12 mm Tape: DFN/QFN packages > 3.3x3.3 and ≤ 7x7, FCBGA−16, Micro10, ... H1. L. Figure 53. Device Positioning on Tape. Symbol. Item. Specification.
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Image result for H1 UQFN-10
Image result for H1 UQFN-10
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500 V/V. Low Supply, Voltage Output, Low- or High-Side Measurement,. Bidirectional, Zero-Drift Series, Current-Shunt Monitor,. RSW0010A (UQFN-10). RSW0010A.

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