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FCM maolong liu
Maolong Liu. Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Verified email at sjtu.edu.cn - Homepage · FCM. ArticlesCited byPublic accessCo-authors ...
LIU Maolong. Associate Professor Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering. Office Phone: +86-21-34205099. Address: 800 Dong Chuan Road, Shanghai 200240 ...
The FCM fuel consists of tristructural isotropic particles randomly dispersed in a silicon carbide (SiC) matrix. ... Maolong Liu · Youho Lee · Dasari V. Rao.
Maolong Liu at Shanghai Jiao Tong University ... al for FCM fuels [188]; Gonzo for un-heated composites [162]; and Liu et. al for simulations of unheated ...

by M Liu2018Cited by 14... temperature for Fully Ceramic Microencapsulated (FCM) fuel and Cermet fuel for space propulsion. ... Liu, Maolong; ;; Lee, Youho; ;; Rao, Dasari V.
Maolong Liu | Chen Zeng | Zilin Luo | Hanyang Gu | Jian Deng ... on the irradiation-thermal-mechanical coupling behavior simulation method of FCM fuel.
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by M He2021Lee, Soon K.; Liu, Maolong; Brown, Nicholas R. ... Safety evaluation of accident-tolerant FCM fueled core with SiC-coated zircalloy cladding ...
De-Shuang Huang, Donald C. Wunsch, Daniel S. Levine2008Computers
Medical Image Segmentation Using Anisotropic Filter, User Interaction and Fuzzy C-Mean (FCM) . ... 216 Liulan Lin, Jiafeng Zhang, Shaohua Ju, ...
Soon Lee, Maolong Liu, Edward Blandford, Youho Lee, Nicholas Brown, ... Development of Effective Thermal Conductivity Model for FCM and Pebble Fuels with ...
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