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Download scientific diagram | Correlation between body mass index (BMI) and AUC0–tlast (area under the plasma concentration versus time curve from time zero ...


2018年4月3日 — Apparent Terminal Elimination Half-Life. Tlast. Time of Last Measurable Concentration. Tmax. Time to Maximum Plasma Concentration (Cmax).
作者:V Hutt1993被引用次数:5 — For the area under the curve, e.g. calculated from time 0 to the last quantifiable sample (AUC0-Tlast), the study revealed for the parent compound diltiazem ...
作者:J Kutzsche2020被引用次数:10 — PK evaluation at the last study days included Cmax, Tmax, AUC0-24h, Clast,. AUC0-tlast, AUC0-inf, t½ , and t½ ß. AUC was calculated by the ...
作者:JG Still2011被引用次数:21 — dosing and for 72 h after the last dose of study drug in each study period. ... last, and AUC0-inf), the accumulation ratio (Racc), time to peak.
AUC0-tlast, area under the concentration versus time curve from time 0 to time t where t is the last time point with a measurable concentration; AUC0-∞, ...


Note: AUC24, not AUC0–24 or AUC24h; however, if time periods >24 hours are used, ... time zero to time of last measurable concentration. %AUCextrap.
In the figure below, AUC0-last integrate the shaded region. Integration after tlast is 0. tlast <- pk.calc.tlast(conc=my_conc ...
perform an assessment of steady state using trough concentrations from the last 3-5 days of dosing to assess whether this has been achieved.
作者:FM Balis2017被引用次数:18 — zotinib plasma concentration–time curve to the last meas- ured time point (AUC0–tlast) was derived using the linear trapezoidal rule.

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