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作者:X Wang2017被引用次数:13 — ... of MMP-1/-13 in the healing tissues, leading to more mature collagen formation at the site of anastomosis. In conclusion, Mg–6Zn alloy ...
作者:J Medina2020被引用次数:2 — High temperature mechanical behaviour of Mg–6Zn–1Y alloy with 1 wt. ... in the course of plastic deformation, leading to an equiaxed grain structure (Fig.
作者:K Yan2019被引用次数:22 — Fig. 3a shows the tensile test results of Mg-6Zn alloys at room temperature. Within the four deformed alloys, the 2# wire exhibited the highest ...
Construction: Channel, Opening on Top. Mounting Holes - vertical: 2. Height: 4.62 in. Length: 6 in. Load: 1920 lb. Material: Steel. Finish: Electro-Plated.
Construction: Channel, Opening on Top
Mounting Holes - vertical: 2
Finish: Electro-Plated
Height: 4.62 in
作者:J Zhou2019被引用次数:4 — on the microstructure, age hardening response, and tensile and casting properties of the high-pressure die cast Mg-6Zn-4Al alloy were studied.
作者:G Wenwen2019被引用次数:3 — In a word, the as-extruded Mg–6Zn–3La–0.5Ca alloy has best yield strength and ductility due to the finer grain size and abundant fine spherical Ca2Mg6Zn3 ...
안동출장샵추천안동콜걸안동출장샵안동,하동더 케이 호텔,서귀포출장샵서귀포콜걸♂서귀포출장안마. 6zn.top: get to the top rated 6 Zn pages and content popular ...
2021年5月26日 — ... leading to poor formability. Hence, to prepare the Mg-6Zn-0.2Ca (wt. %) (ZX60) alloy with improved formability and high strength, ...
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