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nomedia file signaling the media scanner to ignore media in the containing directory and its subdirectories. This prevents media scanner from reading your media files(image, video, audio) and providing them to other apps(Gallery, Music Player, Video Player etc.)
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2021年6月27日 — A file with the .NOMEDIA file extension is an Android No Media file. They're only seen on Android phones and tablets, or on devices that are ...
2020年10月27日 — A NOMEDIA file is a file stored on an Android mobile device, or on an external storage card connected to an Android device.
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2017年11月29日 — 以上这些情况,可以在不希望被保存到多媒体数据库中的文件夹下新建一个文件,并将其命名为 .nomedia 即可。 Android 官网并没有明确介绍 .nomedia ...
2013年4月24日 — In Android, a .nomedia file is basically a BLANK file with “.nomedia” as the file name. You can place this file into a folder to inform the ...
2020年2月17日 — .nomedia file is one of the files on Android that might be in Internal Storage or even External Storage. This file does not have data media ...
The .nomedia extension is found in empty placeholder files that change indexing behavior of certain applications within an Android-based system. Strictly ...
NOMEDIA files can speed up the load time of certain Android multimedia apps, such as music and video players, photo viewers and image editing programs among ...

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