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作者:OA Jaramillo-Quintero2015被引用次数:235 — The devices prepared surpass the EQE values achieved in previous reports, considering devices with just an injecting layer without any ...
缺少字词: [37]QuinteroOA,SanchezRS,etal.infraredlightemittingdiodesbasedonhybridhalideperovskitewithSpiro-OMeTADasahole-
作者:PAS Domingos2011被引用次数:116 — A total of 180 specimens (10 mm x 2 mm) were prepared, immersed in artificial saliva for 24 h at 37±1ºC, and had their initial color measured with a ...
缺少字词: Jaramillo-QuinteroOA,SanchezRS,RinconM,Brightvisible-infraredlightemittingdiodesbasedonhybridhalideperovskitewithSpiro-OMeTADasahole-injectinglayer
Oscar A Jaramillo-Quintero, Rafael S. Sánchez, +1 author I. Mora‐Seró · Published 2015 · Chemistry, Medicine · The journal of physical chemistry letters.
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2019年10月9日— The following is a breakdown of tips and tricks for playing Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. 1. Can I change how my Turbo Gauge looks?
... nxre.cn[37]Jaramillo-QuinteroOA,SanchezRS,RinconM,etal.Brightvisible- ... [email protected]a.cn+emailDid ...
作者:ME Omonte-Paredes2020 — In the present study, the variation of green moisture content (CHv) and basic density (DB) in Eucalyptus nitens trees with sawing dimensions were examined.
CIPRESES JARAMILLO. Salón Para Eventos en Rincón de Romos. Abierto las 24 horas. Pedir una cotizaciónLlamar ahoraCómo llegarWhatsAppEnvíanos un ...


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