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2021年4月11日 — The Forerunner email is a message in the form of a poem, sent to all recipients of the Xbox Flash newsletter. The email is seemingly tied to ...
The Cortana Letters are a series of cryptic emails from "[email protected]", sent to marathon.bungie.org, the most prominent Marathon fan website, ...
Aren't we to assume that this is Cortana can't we put some of her images here?-- Yamanba 00:27, 17 November 2006.
there is no way Yayap could be still alive.--Ryanngreenday 22:05, 20 September 2006.
2021年4月25日 — Arko's audio email to Giraud, sent 2558. ... Arko mailed Giraud an audio email where he claimed Giraud was doing the right thing.
User data. User data Your email*: o Disable e-mail from other users Your nickname (for signatures): Change password Old password: New password: Retype new ...
2021年5月10日 — Stop prying where you're not supposed to." — Dias*Santos's audio email to Giraud, sent 2558. Ana Dias*Santos is a human who listened to ...
2021年4月25日 — ... Spartan supersoldiers, Card mailed Giraud an audio email in which he declared he didn't care where Master Chief came from as long as he.
2020年10月19日 — Flood Control · Forerunner email ... Halopedia. Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported unless otherwise noted.
2021年4月25日 — ... UNSC about the Master Chief, Drake sent Giraud an audio email calling him an attention seeker who was attacking a hero for brief fame...

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