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作者:V Ramasamy2001被引用次数:2 — This paper focuses on function level dynamic instrumentation as implemented in HP Caliper [19], a framework for performance analysis tools on IA-64 HP-UX ...
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作者:N Nethercote2004被引用次数:346 — Dynamic binary instrumentation (DBI) frameworks make it easy to ... (See the Intel x86 manual [57] for details of how segment registers are used.).
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作者:DC D’Elia2019被引用次数:28 — Dynamic binary instrumentation (DBI) techniques allow for moni- toring and possibly altering the execution ... for manual inspection [22], debugging [61];.
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/*BEGIN_LEGAL. Intel Open Source License. Copyright (c) 2002-2011 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, ...
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Dynamic Binary Instrumentation. Projects. Drltrace – transparent API-calls tracing for malware analysis https://github.com/mxmssh/drltrace.
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Dynamic binary analysis (DBA) tools such as profilers and checkers help ... Dynamic binary instrumentation (DBI) frameworks make it easy to build new DBA ...
Dynamic binary instrumentation (DBI) is a powerful technique for analyzing the runtime behavior of software. While numerous DBI frameworks have been ...
Dynamic Binary. Instrumentation-based. Framework for Malware Defense. Najwa Aaraj. †. , Anand Raghunathan. ‡. , and Niraj K. Jha.
作者:P Arafa2017被引用次数:3 — Software-based instrumentation can occur either automatically or manually. Manual instrumentation requires that the developer specify the instrumentation.
作者:V Zhao被引用次数:2 — Dynamic binary instrumentation (DBI) enables ... they are being called—but manual and mundane labor is still required. Is there a method.

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