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Waterline length


A vessel's waterline length (abbreviated to L.W.L) is the length of a ship or boat at the level where it sits in the water (the waterline). The LWL will be shorter than the length of the boat overall (length overall or LOA) as most boats have bows and stern protrusions that make the LOA greater than the LWL.
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水線長 (Waterline length)


水線長,縮寫為LWL,是的是船隻首尾吃水線的長度,和全長一樣都是常用來描述船隻長度的標準。水線長不考慮船隻水面以上的長度,由於大多數船隻船首和船尾向外衍生,故而一般船隻的全長要大於水線長。由於船隻滿載和空載時吃水線不一樣,故而一般測量水線長的時候,會表明船隻的載量。 维基百科


2021年6月11日 — Waterline length is the length of the boat from bow to stern where it sits in the water. In other words, as it floats in the water if you ...
If the vessel's least molded hull depth "D" is 30 feet, then the length is measured on the "d1" waterline 25.5 feet up from the top of the keel. The load line ...
Length on waterline. marine. The length of a vessel measured along the waterline from forward to aft. Download the Encyclopedia.
The total length of the ship is 59.4 m; the length of the design waterline is 57.0 m; the length between perpendiculars is 53.7 m; the width of the beam is 12.0 ...
The length overall (LOA or LOA) is the distance between the extreme points forward and aft measured parallel to the summer (or design) waterline.
2010年3月26日 — Explanation of hull speed and how it relates to waterline length.
Waterline length(来源:wavetrain.net)
2008年12月16日 — His formula — the boat's created wave length equals its hull length in feet at the waterline — is a rule of thumb providing an approximate ...
2016年8月12日 — Waterline Length, The waterline length of the ship, in feet, is measured on the designed waterline from the stem to the stern.

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