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The 39th International Symposium on Dry Process (DPS2017) will be held at Tokyo ... including but not limited to plasma etching and deposition processes, ...
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(accessed 2004-01-05). Hayashi, H., et al.“Pattern size dependence of SiO2 etching characteristics when using CF4+H2 plasma”. Proc. Dry Process Symp. 1992.
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2018/11/08 · DPSは毎年日本で開催される国際学会で、プラズマエッチングおよび堆積プロセスを中心にプラズマ関連の議論がおこなわれます。 エッチング装置、成膜装置で ...
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measurement and its application to CFD code evaluation Proc. ISSW24, 2004.7, CD-ROM, ... Etching, International Symposium on Dry Process, (2004)pp.305-310.
たエッチング装置およびエッチングプロセスを開発した。 300 mmウェーハのエッチングで, ... Proc.Symp.Dry Process, p.369(2004). 6)A.Miller, et al.:Proc.
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... Proc. Symp. Dry Process, p139 (2004). Chapter 2 Mechanism of Dry Etching A guiding principle for 9 References References.
For mass production of Si devices using high dielectric constant HfO2 films, chamber cleaning through dry process is indispensable. We have investigated the ...
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2014/10/25 · Semantic Scholar extracted view of "Dry Etching Technology for Semiconductors" by ... View 1 excerpt. Proc. Symp. Dry Process, p.139. 2004.
example, in dry etching, (1) specific equipment and process technologies are ... Q. Zhong, Y. Yamaguchi, and C. Lee: Proc. Symp. Dry Process, p139 (2004).
Proc. Dry Process Symp. (Inst. Electr. Eng., Tokyo, 1985) p.126. [19]K. Suzuki, S. Okudaira, ... [9]伊崎隆一郎,神力 学:太陽日酸技報 23, 55 (2004).
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