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EPHA7 and mesenchyme
由 AC Weiss 著作2014被引用 20 次 — Nephric duct insertion requires EphA4/EphA7 signaling from the pericloacal mesenchyme. Development. 2014 Sep ...
由 AC Weiss 著作2014被引用 20 次 — Epha7 was co-expressed with Epha4 in the mesenchyme surrounding the cloaca /bladder, the distal ...
由 M Araujo 著作1997被引用 50 次 — Segmentation. Axon guidance. Neural crest migration. Somite. Somitomere. Sclerotome. Limb patterning. Mesenchyme.
2021年5月4日 — EphA4/EphA7 from the pericloacal mesenchyme signal via ephrin B2. to mediate ND ...
Expression during urinary: system
Here we studied the roles of the Eph receptor EphA7 and its soluble form in Xenopus pronephros development. EphA7 is specifically ... Proper mesenchymal -epithelial transition (MET) is critical for.
由 LL Arnold 著作2020被引用 3 次 — In EphA7-/- mice, hindlimb muscles possess fewer myofibers at birth, and those myofibers are reduced in ...
由 TM Nguyen 著作2017被引用 11 次 — EphA5 or EphA7/ephrinA5 interactions enhance human hematopoietic stem ... EphB and Ephrin-B interactions mediate human mesenchymal stem cell suppression of activated T-cells.
由 M Araujo 著作1998被引用 65 次 — EphA7 downregulation in the dorsal mesenchyme after dorsal ectoderm removal is more rapid than that of Lmx-1, the.
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... suggesting that EphA4/EphA7 from the pericloacal mesenchyme signal via ephrin B2 to mediate ND insertion.
由 S Tanabe 著作2018被引用 1 次 — Abundant molecules are dynamically activated in cancer and stem cells. To investigate the role of ephrin A1 (EFNA1) in ...

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