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Linux發行版 (Linux distribution)


Linux 發行版,為一般使用者預先整合好的Linux作業系統及各種應用軟體。一般使用者不需要重新編譯,在直接安裝之後,只需要小幅度更改設定就可以使用,通常以軟體套件管理系統來進行應用軟體的管理。Linux發行版通常包含了包括桌面環境、辦公套件、媒體播放器、資料庫等應用軟體。 维基百科


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Distro may refer to: Linux distribution, a specific vendor's operating system-package composed of the Linux kernel, GNU tools and libraries, ...
2021年7月12日 — We've roundup some of the best specialized distro to help you find the best one for the job.
The distro package ( distro stands for Linux Distribution) provides information about the Linux distribution it runs on, such as a reliable machine-readable ...
2016年9月23日 — ... probably heard of Linux distributions – often shortened to “Linux distros. ... computer or server – you'll first need to choose a distro.
This module implements the basics for Linux distribution ("distro") detection and the OS's native package manager. Its primary purpose is to produce output ...
All of these existing distros could use more development help. Thus, if you want to make an effective contribution to free GNU/Linux distributions, we suggest ...
Fixing freedom bugs is an ethical requirement for listing a distro here; therefore, we list only distros with a development team that has told us it will remove ...

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